1) Find a person to cast a spell on...

2) Click on the top right button with the wand symbol on it....... 
3) Pick a spell card of your choice to cast a spell....

4) Then after you click the spell you want it would cast it on someone you just chose, but remember it only last a few seconds. Have fun with it!

Buy your spell cards in the Jadoo Spells in Magic Bazaar or in the shops

This spell is a spell that put a person in a cauldron.

It gives the person you cast on bunny ears

This sold out item turns the person you cast it on into a chicken

Gotcha Ghost! Will turn your casted person into a ghost or transparent

A green gas will appear around the person

Hot Head spell. A cloud appear on top of them and a lighting will strike them and a fire will start on them.

The cumulonimbus spell, a thundering cloud will appear on top of the person and strike them with

It will turn your target into a pesty huge ugly rodent


Your target will have a slight green transformation, The Ribbit spell turn the target into a frog that eats a flyO.o

Big Head will make the poor person who was targeted have a big head as if it is going to explode!

RAWR! This spell will make the target have three evil wold heads!

Eggtastic! YUM! But no! this spell will turn your target into a chicken and will lay egg afterwards

Gassy Bunny peeeyeww! It will turn them into a bunny and suddenly farts green gas!

O.o this is one of the spell you get for free and it will make the target shirnk their heads!

MEGA hippocratic gas is even more stinkier than the other one!

Mini-You! This is an awesome spell that will make the taget shrink to turn into a mini version of your self!

Montresor's revenge is an evil spell that turn the target into a dancing skeleton.

Rainbow rage O.O Turns your target into a glowing colour!

Awww The crying croc spell, this one will turn the target into a croc that cries loudly.

ZAAAP!! This is a shocking spell!!!! Anyways a black cloud will appear above the target and strike them with lightning!

UpSiDe DoWn! will make the target be floating upside down

Dont worry the bat wont attack you! This spell turns the target into a vampire bat.

Zombiefy will turn the target into a skating zombie?